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Our Favourite Pieces


We know very well how hard it is to find good pieces and their publication information. We premiere many pieces in Japan and we are committed to continue in this vein. We will keep adding more pieces here, so please re-visit if you need our latest information.

Both PanaMusica in Japan ( and SheetMusicPlus in the USA ( have many good scores. 


マルベリー・クワイアのレパートリーは本邦初演が多く、楽譜入手までに一年以上かかったものもあります。今後も情報をアップしていきますので興味がおありの方は定期的にチェックしてみてください。パナムジカで見つからない場合は、アメリカのSheetMusicPlus ( もお試しください。

"Hoj, hura, hoj" & "Hojaja, hojaja"

by Otmar Mácha

Alliance Publications, Inc.

「ホイ・フラ・ホイ」 「ホヤヤ、ホヤヤ」


"Justus ut palma florebit"

by Xabier Sarasola

CM Editiones



"The Sunrise" & "Ritual Dance"

from "Primitive Music"

by Jukka Linkola 


『原始的な音楽』より 「日の出」「儀式の舞踏」



Russian Folksong  Arr. by Feodosy Rubtsov

Musica Russica  

There is a SATB version too.




"Mendian Gora"

by Xabier Sarasola

Not published




"Karácsony, Fekete Glória" 

by Miklós Kocsár

Editio Musica Budapest



"Arin-Arin" from "Tirikitauki"

by David Azurza

Oihu Hau These is a SATB version too.




"Pseude-Yoik Lite" 

by Jaakko Mäntyjärvi 




"Missa in Honorem Sancti Josephi" Op.42

by Jules van Nuffel  

Peters Edition





by Iris Szeghy 

Musica Slovaca



"The First Shepherds (Los Primeros Pastores)

by Francisco J. Núñez

Boosey & Hawkes




French Canadian Folksong

Arr. by Stephen Hatfield  

Boosey & Hawkes

There are also TTB and SAB versions.





"White Christmas"

Arr. by Kirby Shaw

Hal Leonard Corporation 

There are TTBB and SATB versions too.




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